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What’s New with WalletConnect: Integrations, Events, and Getting Started with the WalletConnect v2.0 Sign SDK

We’re only at the halfway point, but 2022 has already proven to be a milestone year. At the end of 2021, more than 80 wallets and 150 apps had integrated WalletConnect to instantly broaden user access to the world of web3; that number has since surged to over 170 wallets and 450 apps — and counting! What’s more, the last few months have seen the explosive start of the web2 adoption wave. Let’s take a look at some of WalletConnect’s recent highlights.

Get started with WalletConnect v2.0’s Sign SDK

WalletConnect began with our pioneering remote signer protocol, which made it possible for any two remote apps to connect with each other. As we expand beyond this initial focus, we are now working on developing a suite of distinct but complementary APIs (check out my recent blog post on our messaging protocol, which is currently in development).

We recently launched the beta-100 version of the WalletConnect v2.0 Sign SDK, which introduces several new features including multi-chain support, better websocket management, faster performance, and a decentralized backend. To help everyone get started, we’ve created some handy guides:

👉 Beginner’s Guide to the Sign SDK for Android Developers

👉 Beginner’s Guide to the Sign SDK for iOS Developers

👉 Beginner’s Guide to the Sign SDK for JavaScript Developers

If you’re a wallet or an app and would like to integrate WalletConnect, all you have to do is register an account on the WalletConnect Cloud. This generates the API keys for you to start using our infrastructure, and you’ll also be able to manage your registry listing this way.

New wallet and app integrations!

The WalletConnect ecosystem continues to expand at breakneck speed. Not only have we welcomed a host of new wallet partners, but we’re thrilled to see Spot Wallet, Steak Wallet, and Alpha Wallet already supporting WalletConnect v2.0! What’s more, decentralized exchange StellarX has also become the first dapp to support WalletConnect v2.0 when used in conjunction with Stellar’s LOBSTR wallet.

The last six months have also witnessed web2’s steady sprint into web3. We’ve been integrated by Twitter to enable its NFT profile picture authentication feature and by Stripe to facilitate crypto payouts, among others. By connecting apps with wallets, we are helping bridge the web2 and web3 worlds together and opening up endless use cases in the process.

Where to catch us next

We are on the move this summer! I’ll be speaking at ETHCC in Paris (July 19–21), while the WalletConnect crew will also be at ETHNew York (June 24–26) and ETHMexico City (August 19–21). Stop by our booth and say hi 👋 and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep up with everything we’re working on. See you there!

To keep up with our announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and register today.



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