Linked Data, Conversational AI and Computer Vision

Angus Addlesee
Jul 30 · 3 min read

I started writing on Medium in September 2018 as I believe knowledge should be shared and easily accessible for all. Since then I have written many articles as I really enjoy writing, getting feedback and learning from it. In this time I have also started my PhD so started to cover different topics that are of interest to different groups.

To make sure you can find my work relevant to your interests, I will keep this document updated with all my work organised by topic.

I always announce new articles on other platforms also so if interested, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I let Medium promote some of my work but they then make them featured articles. Where they have done this I have shared the friend link as I do not want any of my work to be behind a paywall!

Without further ado, I have organised my work into the following categories:

  • Linked Data
  • Conversational AI
  • Computer Vision
  • Other Articles not on Medium (what is my research and why?)

Linked Data

My first ever article was a quick introduction to Linked Data and this is my most written about topic.

I presented the article called “Linked Data Reconciliation in GraphDB at the DBpedia Community Meeting in Leipzig on the 23rd May 2019.

Before moving on, a quick shout out to an article by my friend Antero Duarte. I think this is a brilliant and amusing introduction to Linked Data:

Conversational AI

One thing I promised Wallscope (PhD sponsor) to do during my research is to write about what I learn so expect this section to rapidly expand.

Computer Vision

In later stages of my research project I will be using a lot of Computer Vision so I am writing this series from what I’ve learned from Joseph Redmon’s recorded lectures on Youtube.

Other Articles not on Medium

In this section I will post any articles that are not on Medium. These will mainly be about my research in terms of what I’m doing and why.

I’ll keep this article live and current but if you want to keep up to date, please do follow me on here, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Blogs from the Wallscope team

Angus Addlesee

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Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher at Wallscope. Studying a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Contact details at



Blogs from the Wallscope team

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