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An Overview of Scotland’s Linked Data Projects from SLiDInG 7

Both Academic Research, and Implementation in Industry and the Public Sector

A Comment from Shona Nicol

Fiona McNeill

  • Automatic Query Reformulation - Queries need to be formulated for an exact data silo’s structure, so how then do you broadcast queries to many sources that are structured differently from one and other? Queries need to be automatically rewritten to return results from varying data structures.
  • Data Provenance - Complex queries can return results across multiple data sources, but how do you know the data is reliable? We need to know how the data is generated, where it is originally sourced from, when it was last updated, etc… in order to determine its quality.
  • Returning Optimum Results - Fiona looks at both whether data is useful, and whether it is reliable. These two factors need to be considered in order to return the most suitable information to a decision maker, when needed.

Ian Allaway

The Wallscope team meeting Kate Forbes MSP - source.
Demo at casebook.scot

Peter Tolland


Alasdair Gray


Peter Winstanley


Jessica Chen-Burger

Homeland Security Virtual Operations Centre [source] - required response to security incident.

Antero Duarte

HiCCUP’s interface - showing a recipe for Wallscope’s Olympics project with RDFox. Read More.
Switches from talk to Q&A at 21:38 mins

Jack Walker

Jack’s initial front-end application (searching): Video demo here.

Seyed Amir Hosseini

screenshot of Wikidata (taken on 14/01/21)
  1. Use custom SPARQL construct queries to generate RDF dumps.
  2. Using the Shape Expression Language (ShEx) to describe topics (e.g. chemistry and life science) and then extract data using a slurper.
  3. Use a tool like WDumper - which Seyed is currently working to improve.

Imran Asif

  1. Assertion - the claim (e.g. malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes).
  2. Provenance - how this assertion came to be (scientific methods, reference studies, etc…).
  3. Publication Info - Metadata including who asserted this, when, reuse licenses, etc…

Antonia Gieschen

Switches from talk to Q&A at 17:11 mins

Jonathan Strachan

screenshot of the prototype build - new version coming soon.

Francesco Belvedere

This example is from a project on the Olympics - read more here.

Angus Addlesee (me)

A figure from my recently published evaluation of incremental ASR systems (with Yanchao Yu and Arash Eshghi) that will feed this new incremental RDF dialogue parser. You can read the COLING paper here.




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