Learnings from rebuilding our checkout experience

Order summary screen for the new checkout experience
  • The book slot experience where a user selects a delivery or pickup time window for their order,
  • The first-time user experience when the user is typically adding addresses and credit card information,
  • The amend order experience where the user already has an order placed and wants to simply add or remove a few items,
  • The ‘before you go experience’ which suggests products the user normally buys but doesn’t currently have in their current cart,
  • 2 senior front-end developers,
  • 2 QE engineers,
  • 1 product owner,
  • 2 designers,
  • 1 engineering manager,
  • 1 project lead,
  • Number of products to show,
  • Default sort order of the products,
  • The structure and layout of the page,
  • In which circumstances the page should be shown,



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Richard Doyle

Group product manager based in San Francisco, California working on building large scale grocery eCommerce platforms and experiences