Humans of Walrus: Stacey Skulnik

Stacey Skulnik is a Senior Account Executive and works with Walrus’ clients on the development of all brand campaigns and marketing initiatives. Outside of work, she has a unique obsession with burgers. Read on to learn some fun facts about Stacey, who just marked her one-year anniversary at Walrus. Follow Stacey on Twitter at @staceyskulnik.

Walrus (W): Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

Stacey Skulnik (SS): Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast. I can still do some flips.

W: What’s your favorite part about working in the advertising industry?

SS: The people. I’ve met some of the smartest, weirdest and most creative people.

W: How did you get into the biz?

SS: I was always interested in TV commercials. I remember falling in love with the AT&T commercials featuring Beck Bennett. For some reason the concept really stuck with me and the adorable kids made me laugh. I ended up writing a final paper on this commercial for my advertising course in college. Which, by the way, I got an A on! I also loved my professor in that class. It was this combination that led me to apply for my first job in advertising.

W: If you could switch jobs with anyone at the agency, who would it be?

SS: Our Media Director. He gets all the meetings with free food.

W: Everyone has a spirit animal. Tell us about yours.

SS: Cookie Lyon from Empire, because she’s a fierce boss lady and can pull off animal prints like no one else.

W: When you have control of the music in the office, what’s your go-to playlist?

SS: Beyonce, to everyone’s dismay.

W: What’s your advice for people who are just getting started in the advertising industry?

SS: I didn’t start my career in advertising and I wish I did. Definitely get an early start. The more you learn early on, the better off you are.