ICO returns study with ICODrops (part 3)

Mike Constantine
Jul 6, 2018 · 3 min read
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This is the third part of our study of ICO returns. In part two we compared correlation ROI with ICO categories/percentage of token for sale and more (if you haven’t read our previous article, you can do it here).

Token type and ROI

Projects that use their own wallets are the most lucrative because new token implies new blockchain system. NEO is seemed to be a system that is going to replace Ethereum, so NEO projects are evaluated higher. Finally, ERC20 is a typical, commonly-used token with average ROI of 72%.

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Fundraising goal and ROI

There is no absolute correlation between fundraising goal and ROI, but there are some interesting facts.

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The hugest ROI was achieved by ambitious projects without purposes to get as much money as possible. There are two groups of profitable projects: small ($0–50 mln) with average 80% ROI and huge ($70–100 mln) with average 153% ROI.

We see that $100+ mln projects are the least profitable. It could be explained by the fact that mainly projects don’t require so much money.

KYC availiability and ROI

ROI of companies which use KYC are 21% higher than those that do not. Number of projects which used KYC almost three times higher than the others.

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Whitelist availiability and ROI

Projects that have excessive demand from investors, should have used a whitelist to screen out investors. The higher the investor demand, the better the quality of the project accordingly to the ROI.

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Why we do such studies?

We have our aggregated WalrusCap ICO score, and we need to improve our rating day by day for our own team, and for others, who use it. These studies help us do it.

Here is the screenshot of our ICO score (google docs version of our score you can find here).

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