ICODrops rating & ICO returns study

Mike Constantine
Mar 5, 2018 · 3 min read
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Many people do ICO investments, and for the right decision people need to analyze a lot of information: idea, whitepaper, team and check some opinions from fair crypto people and explore ratings from ICO web resources you can trust.

Why did we analyze ICODrops rating?

To quickly check opinions from people & websites we use our aggregated score (shortened version of our score here).

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Snapshot of our rating

In the first column of our rating we have ICODrops interest score, and many people asked us why?

The first answer that came to our mind: we just believe that this website have the best and fair overview of projects, but we didn’t have clear data to prove it. Than we decided to start our research to find honest answer. The main idea was to find relations between ICODrops score and ICO’s return of investments.

The final question sounded like this: Is ICODrops rating score really correlates with ICO’s ROI?


First of all, we collect all data from ICODrops website. At the moment of our study there are 468 ICO’s in the database. After that we put in order data we need to analyse and prepared summary tables or each parameter we need. We decided to use ROI in Ethereum as the main.

Main answer

First of all, we looked at the main score — ICODrops interest score. It indicates summarized interest of the team.

ICODrops interest score is in the blue field to the right.

And here is the results: main score absolutely correlates to ROI, sounds good! If you could participate in every ICO with Very High Interest rating, you would earn more than x4 of you initial funds. The lower the score, the lower ROI, perfect.

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ICODrops interest score ROI

ICODrops ROI score also perfectly correlates, great.

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ICODrops ROI score

Hype score & risk rate

These scores does not correlate well, need all to think about it. Hype score does not surely mean great returns.

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ICODrops Hype rate ROI

Also, we need to check carefully risk rate: three companies with very high risk score have x3 times better ROI that three companies with very low score.

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ICODrops Risk rate ROI

The end

So, we have got good answer for our question, and WalrusCap team recommends to use ICODrops rating as second opinion, when you do your own research.

For your convenience, all tables we collected in one spreadsheet here.


Doing our study, we analyzed other ICO’s parameters and how it correlates with ROI and find a lot of interesting! We decided to share that results with the comunity in our next article within one week, stay tuned!

Such as: top & worst ICO categories sorted by ROI, how the % of tokens available for sale influence on ROI, did the returns of the ICO’s decreases month by month, does Reddit availiability correlate with ROI and so on.

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Crypto analytics & aggregated ICO score.

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