10 Best Things To Buy At The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market This Month — January Edition

By Kristel Arabian

1- PEADS & BARNETTS, PORK “SECRETTO”. This is one of those secret or “butchers” cuts. It is tender, marbled and delicious.

2- JJ’S LONE DAUGHTER RANCH, HACHIYA PERSIMMON. These are the most perfect, soft and sweet persimmon I’ve ever had. I don’t know how she does it.

3- MAGGIE’S FARM, MICRO ONION SPROUTS. Best way to get a little pop of onion flavor with a touch of that herby “green” onto a dish.

4- WILD LOCAL SEAFOOD CO, BLACK COD- This local black cod, aka butterfish, is best when broiled, in my opinion. They always line catch from local Pacific waters, maintaining all the usually ignored overfishing regulations. I’m telling you, if you’ve never had truly fresh and properly caught fish like this before, you haven’t had fish! Life changing. :)

5- ROAN MILLS, BUCKWHEAT NOODLES. I love these ancient grain, non GMO grain noodles as a substitute for traditional wheat noodles. I usually blanch and shock these and toss them into a salad as a hearty lunch. OK OK, also, sometimes I smother them in cream and cheese with black pepper and some peas or pea tendrils in the springtime.

6- PEADS & BARNETTS, PROTEA FLOWERS- I love these flowers, they’re like gorgeous aliens from outer space! Also, they last SO long in my home and look AMAZING dried.

7- BEYILIK FARMS, PERSIAN CUCUMBERS- The BEST SNACK. I usually just split and salt these. They’re crisp and refreshing as is or I dunk them in my favorite dip.

8- LILLY’S SPROUT FED EGGS. Basically, the best you can buy! These are happy chickens that lay delicious eggs. You’d be hard pressed to find a better egg, unless you had chicken in your backyard ;)

9- FAT UNCLE FARMS- PLAIN, ROASTED ALMONDS- Love these. They are so rich and yummy on top of my granola, or ice cream or as a quick snack during a busy day.

10- THE GARDEN OF…, FENNEL- These are the biggest and most tender fennel bulbs. Love slicing them up as a raw snack, caramelizing slices in a cast iron pan after I roast a meat in there (use the drippings and fat for flavor!) or chopping them up into a soup.