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Cecilia Okoth scoops Explanatory Reporting Award

WanaData Uganda member Cecilia Okoth won the Uganda National Journalism Award 2020 for Explanatory Reporting. As a field journalist, Cecilia has seized the opportunity to transform the lives of people she reports about. The stories she has covered have helped narrow the gap between service delivery and public expectations with regard to the actual challenges that ordinary people face. Through training from CfA’s WanaData initiative, Cecilia did an investigative piece titled, “Karimojong girls sold to Alshabaab” which revealed that girls as young as 10 were being trafficked from Uganda into Kenya’s capital Nairobi and into the hands of the Alshabaab in Somalia.




WanaData is a Pan-African network of female journalists, data scientists and techies working on changing the digital media landscape by producing and promoting data-driven news while applying digital technologies in their storytelling.

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