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Elizabeth Osayande wins Vanguard Media’s International Internship University Award

WanaData member Elizabeth Osayande has received the prestigious Awardee, International Internship University 250 plus Innovative Young African Awards from Vanguard Media Limited.

The award celebrates outstanding Africans who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting the actualisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), active citizenship, youth participation, community services, and good governance and policy advocacy in Africa.

Osayande, from Nigeria, was recognised for her innovative ideas and tireless work in community service.

Speaking about the award, Osayande expressed her gratitude and stated that Code for Africa immensely contributed to her success. According to Osayande:

“Code for Africa has continued to have an immense impact on stories I do, especially as it relates to writing better content via solutions journalism.”

Link to the publication: tps://fb.watch/iP31JwJRF2/



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