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GMMP-WD Fellowship: Investigating issues affecting women in developing countries - lessons learned and future directions.

By Dianah Chinyangwa

During my fellowship, I reported on four different stories which were focusing on issues affecting the day-to-day lived experiences faced by women in different spaces.

I began the fellowship by reporting on the gender gap within farming in South Africa. I specifically covered aquaponics because it’s a male-dominated industry and the contribution made by female farmers is not widely reported in mainstream media and narratives.


My second story focused on the escalating online harassment of female journalists in South Africa, with the intention of seeking responses from organisations such as the South Africans National Editors Forum, on their plans to train and equip journalists when reporting a conflict


My third article looked at issues affecting young girls who fall pregnant during high school. I chose this topic because it’s not widely reported across East and Southern African countries. Globally, the media face considerable challenges in providing regular and enlivening coverage of situations like the one faced by these young girls.


My fourth article focused on the increasing numbers on gender-based violence cases in South Africa, News organisations are typically drawn more to investing in stories with the promise of a concentrated readership with its associated advertising revenue. In all probability, few editors in cities and towns would dispute the importance of the plight faced by the victims and survivors of GBVF.

I obtained the information in these stories through;

- Research on the impact of gender gap, and other issues affecting women in developing countries. The research allowed me to develop case studies of countries with similar impacts as South Africa.

- To develop my stories, I used engagements and interviews with the participants, experts, and data from GMMP Report and other open data sources.

- developing written text from the interviews

- photographing and creating the feature essay

- finalising and getting feedback from the written texts


Data findings for my stories were obtained through, Global Media Monitoring Project, 2020, and other sources like e.g (MDPI), statistics’ report,

I learnt how to obtain data using Gender Gap and GMMP reports, in the process using different formats and then creating different data visualisation using Flourish. Basically, I find it very easy to do a case study when doing a comparison between subjects using data. With data from trusted sources like GMMP, I find it easy to report stories backed by facts.

The idea of my project was to enhance my reporting skills by using data visualisation through the resources and tools supported by Code for Africa.



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