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GMMP-WD Fellowship: Significant learnings advocating for Gender Equality from my fellowship journey.

By Moraa Obiria

In February 2022, I joined the WanaData fellowship focused on learning new aspects of journalism to become a gender-focused writer.

With the advent of data journalism and solution journalism, the art and science of writing have evolved.

Through the fellowship, Code for Africa equipped me with skills on how to report survey findings, extracting data, cleaning it and visualising it through tools like Flourish.

Through the fellowship, I learned how to track story performance using Google Analytics. I was equally assigned a mentor who offered me unique and tremendous insights on data analysis and visualisation through tools like Datawrapper.

These skills and knowledge have tremendously enriched my writing. For instance, while working on the story, Sexual harassment: Why male journalists suffer in silence, I employed multiple journalistic approaches in field research, report reviews, gender-sensitive interviews and visualisation. The story was a big read. It was the headline on the homepage of Nation.Africa.

It was widely shared and prompted discussions on Kenyan radio stations and some media platforms. It attracted an aggregate of more than 5,000 comments across all the Nation Media Group social media accounts.

I’m deeply indebted to Code for Africa and my mentor for the feedback and immense support in my journey to becoming the best gender writer in Africa.



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