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WanaData East Africa: Using SEO To Improve Website Traffic

By Rose Kwamboka

Code for Africa’s copy editor, Paul Amisi, was the guest trainer at WanaData East Africa September meet-up covering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 29 participants attended the virtual event.

To effectively use SEO, the speaker outlined how search engines work to discover content by performing three essential tasks; crawling, indexing and ranking. First, the engine crawls the internet pages to discover content. It then lists and indexes all content found and finally ranks. In as much as the way search engines rank pages is top secret, there are some tips and tricks you can incorporate to ensure your content is ranked higher, hence getting more eyeballs.

The speaker pointed out the depth and usefulness of your content, the number of keywords and headline tags, the number of links from reputable websites pointing to your site, how well the page is set up for mobile users, the ease with which information can be navigated via your front page, the URL structure and the speed with which images load are some of the factors that determine website ranking.

Participants were keen to dive deeper into how the headline tags work. When search engine crawlers come on your pages, heading tags are essential in SEO. He explained that the H1 label would help the web crawlers understand the critical topic of your article, while H2, H3 tags will help the crawlers understand what each paragraph is about.

At the participant’s request, the speaker concluded by showcasing some websites that have made good use of SEO to serve as examples to emulate. He further urged participants to incorporate what they learnt if they wanted to bring in more customers/visitors through organic search, improve brand awareness and create a trustworthy web experience for customers.

WanaData aims to turbo-boost the careers of African women, contributing to their socio-economic empowerment by liberating gender data, amplifying their voices through data journalism and fast-tracking their careers by deepening expertise in tech, data science, journalism and networking.

The network is active in seven countries (Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda). In each country, we organise monthly meetups to share skills, and experiences, brainstorm on projects or campaigns and kickstart collaborations.

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