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A Day in the Life of a Wanchain Marketing Manager: Bryan Ye

Hello again Wanchain community! Today I had a chat with one of the marketing managers in our Beijing office to find out more about his daily life at Wanchain.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

I am Bryan Ye. My official Chinese name is Ye Wei (叶伟). I am from Wenzhou, a coastal city in Zhejiang province and a pioneering city that leads China’s private economy in the past decades. It is said that nine people in ten are doing business in my hometown. Unfortunately, I don’t run my own business, but I am still interested in the information related with economy and finance.

2. What do you do at Wanchain and how long have you been working here?

Bryan with his son at Beijing Asian Sports Village

I joined Wanchain January this year. The culture of Wanchain really attracts me quite a lot, far beyond my expectation before I joined. The team is a real international team, my colleagues are from Asia, Europe, America, etc. So, the community in Wanchain is very diversified. There is no hierarchy in Wanchain, for any marketing ideas and suggestions, I can directly discuss with my team and big boss.

I am mostly focused on marketing and community management in the Asia-pacific region. In consideration of their different languages and cultural diversity, I created local community groups for Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, and started running local Twitter accounts as well. Community members in those local groups find it easier to communicate in their local languages.

If there is a conference that we decide to attend, I will coordinate with the organizers for all related issues, such as the time of the speech, the size of the booth, the contents of backdrops, promotional materials, etc.

If there is a meetup that we decide to host, I will coordinate with Wanchain’s local community manager to handle all related issues, such as the choice of venue, the promotional channels, the contents of brochures, the estimated number of attendees, etc. I will also collaborate with partners who will come together with Wanchain for this meetup, such as the topic of the speech, the materials they need to prepare, the accommodation and flights they need to arrange, etc.

In general, development and marketing cannot be purely separated. So, I will also discuss with some potential projects which are considering building on Wanchain, discuss with some media which are considering publishing news about us, and discuss with some associations and universities who are interested in collaborating with us, not only about marketing issues but also about technical integration issues.

3. What did you work on today?

As usual, today I started my day by looking into all the Wanchain social media (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, etc) to see if there had been any news which happened in the past 24 hours or if there are some issues coming from our community. Then I started my in-hand tasks: issuing marketing tweets and articles, internally discussing with our marketing and BD teams for the short-term plans and long-term plans.

I had a con-call with a blockchain organization in Japan and discussed with them how to cooperate for community outreach in their country. Then I answered questions from the Asian community managers, who were passing on the concerns of our community members.

After a quick lunch, I started translating an announcement article from English to Chinese, and shared this article to our community managers and asked them to translate into their local languages. In the late afternoon, I had a meeting with a blockchain education company, and we discussed a lot on how to cooperate in the aspect of community development.

After dinner, the Asian community management and marketing team had a meeting with the USA and European community management and marketing teams in order to coordinate tasks and resources.

4. What are some of biggest challenges you have faced in your job?

Challenges are everywhere, especially in this new industry. One of the biggest challenges for me is cultural differences when Eastern projects come to the West or Western projects come to East. As you know that the style of meetups in China is more conservative, attendees are used to sitting down like in a classroom and listening to the speakers of each project to deliver his/her ideas, and after all projects finish their presentation, project team members and participants will have a casual discussion face to face. While in the Western world, people prefer social networking meetups. People drink and talk. Communication and investment happens during the process of drinking and talking. Those cultural differences sometimes make project teams lose some opportunities when they are in meetups.

5. What do you think about working in the blockchain industry?

There is a humorous saying that “a day has passed in the stock market, a year has passed in the blockchain industry.” It really reflects that everything changes so fast in the blockchain world. I have been working in the software industry for 8 years. Compared with the software industry, I prefer blockchain. It is young, but energetic. It is new, but technical iteration is frequent. It is controversial, but it self-improves so fast under the world’s eyes.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Enjoying this mysterious pace of blockchain is one of the sources of my life’s passion.

6. What advice do you have for professionals who would like to get into the blockchain industry?

I don’t focus on all of the hype around a lot of ICOs and other blockchain projects. What I focus on is the blockchain technology behind all those coins. If you believe in blockchain technology, come and join this fantastic world. If you’re just in it for the hype, please consider again before you leap. Technology constitutes a primary productive force.

7. What do you do on your free time?

I spend my free time with my wife and baby. I love studying the urban planning status of the cities I travel to, and I am interested in studying the changes of human languages and dialects.

About Wanchain

Wanchain is a blockchain platform that enables transfer of value between blockchains. This infrastructure also enables the creation of distributed financial applications. Wanchain currently allows for cross-chain transactions with Ethereum, and the next product launch will enable the same functionalities with Bitcoin. Going forward, we will continue to bridge blockchains and bring cross-chain finance functionality to companies in the industry. Wanchain has approximately 70 employees globally with offices in Beijing (China), Austin (USA), and London (UK).

You can find more information about Wanchain on our website. Additionally, you can reach us through Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Reddit.



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