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Mobile Wallet 3.0: DApp Store & All New “Red Packet”

The 3.0 update introduces the mobile DApp store to showcase Wanchain’s rapidly growing DApp ecosystem — Including the all new “Red Packet” DApp

DApps, DApps, Dapps!

  1. Wandora Box — Crypto price prediction game from FinNexus
  2. Jack’s Pot — No loss lottery from FinNexus
  3. WRDEX — Decentralized cross-chain exchange from RiveX
  4. Bitllywood Dex — Decentralized cross-chain exchange from Bitllywood
  5. ALL NEW!!! — Red Packet (currently mobile exclusive)
DApp Store DApps

“Red Packets” — A Fun and Social New Way to Send Crypto

Sending crypto is more fun with Red Packets!
  1. You don’t need the address of the recipient:
    Simply generate and send the Red Packet code to someone in a private message, and they will then be able to use the code to redeem the assets directly to their wallet. There is no need for them to share their address in advance.
  2. You can generate a single Red Packet code which can be redeemed by multiple people:
    This can create opportunities for fun interactions and social engagement by generating a Red Packet code which can be redeemed a number of times specified by you to a group chat where people can compete to see who can redeem the Red Packet codefirst.
  3. When generating a Red Packet code with multiple redeems, you can choose either the same amount of tokens for each redeem, or a random amount:
    This allows for fun games in groups where you can play to see who wins the most, or use it for decision making (to decide who goes first in a game, or who gets to pick up the dinner bill, etc.)
  4. A Red Packet code will eventually expire and the assets will return to the wallet of the person who generated it if it is not redeemed after a time limit:
    This ensures that assets you send will not be lost in case you send it to an inaccessible or inactive account. It also allows for the interesting social use case where you can send a Red Packet code to a friend as an offer (for example, to pay for dinner), and your friend has the opportunity to redeem and accept it, or wait for it time out and return to you.
  5. You can also generate a Referral Red Packet code which rewards users for sharing the code
    By incentivizing the sharing of your code, you can make your Red Packet spread virally!

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