Oliver Birch
Jul 23 · 4 min read

Orion Protocol is the premier liquidity aggregator connected to multiple exchanges, enabling a universal trading gateway to all crypto markets built on decentralized technologies (atomic swaps, blockchain, staking, lightning). Internally, Orion relies on public blockchains to provide users with secure and robust custodian solutions, as well as implementing reliable decentralized trading settlements.

We are proud to announce that Wanchain is entering a strategic partnership with Orion Protocol to use Wanchain’s public blockchain as an atomic swaps solution, a process which is essential for Orion decentralized trading. Wanchain supports smart contracts written in Solidity, privacy protection and decentralized cross-chain functionality.

There are several different blockchains that can be used internally on Orion. Orion has conducted detailed studies of the best candidates, and have even implemented a proof of concept solutions on Ethereum and Waves. Ultimately, Orion’s team has chosen Wanchain’s blockchain for supporting escrow trading accounts along with other cutting-edge decentralized technologies, like Holochain; which is used now in a settlement module between Orion and Brokers. You can try out the Orion Trading Terminal demo right now here.

Wanchain combines almost unlimited possibilities of Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart contracts with first-citizen cross-chain transactions. These features of Wanchain allow high levels of interconnection and interoperability between different blockchains. Wanchain’s Storeman node system uniquely combines atomic swaps and decentralized account management. This is crucial for Orion to implement convenient secure trading functionalities for users right from their multi-currency wallets, without a trusted third-party.

Orion will deploy its high-performance matching engine to work on Wanchain to serve trading and exchange functionality on the Orion Trading Terminal’s multi-currency wallet. Special purpose WAN smart contracts would then perform peer-to-peer exchanges of different crypto assets between traders in a completely decentralized way.

It is essential for Orion and Wanchain to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership. Orion will be able to use Wanchain’s PoS as a staking mechanism for Orion’s shared liquidity pool of brokers, providers, and market makers that fulfil orders on a trader’s behalf. This mechanism will enable a fair model for distributing orders from users to different participants of the pool.

Orion will also be running one of Wanchain’s Validator nodes once it officially transitions to Proof of Stake. For more information about the Wanchain proof of stake algorithms, economics, and cryptography, please read this blog post.

“We are proud to partner with Wanchain and integrate their public blockchain for Orion decentralized trading. Wanchain cross-chain transactions and Storeman system ideally fits in Orion’s custodian and settlement protocol and will bring unrivaled technology to the whole Orion ecosystem.” Alexey Koloskov, CEO, Orion Protocol. Previously, Alexey was involved in the development of the Waves Platform, as the creator and chief architect for the Waves DEX; the platform’s flagship decentralized exchange.

We are pleased to work together with Orion towards improving the user experience for atomic swaps and working together towards faster, more secure and more liquid swaps of digital assets between all blockchains. The vision at Orion is very similar to ours in “connecting the world’s digital assets” through a seamless experience. Jack Lu, CEO, Wanchain.

About Orion

Orion is the standard for connecting to centralized and decentralized exchanges, enabling an ecosystem of dApps to solve liquidity issues and price parity. The Orion Protocol enables cross-chain trading, omni-exchange accessibility, and liquidity among many other industry-needed features.

About Wanchain

Wanchain is the infrastructure connecting the decentralized financial world. Wanchain’s live cross-blockchain solution is EVM-based, includes optional private transactions, and provides a decentralized, permissionless, and secure approach for interoperability. Wanchain has employees globally with teams in Beijing (China), Austin (USA), London (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Paris (France), and Madrid (Spain).

You can find more information about Wanchain on our website. Additionally, you can reach us through Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Reddit. You can also sign up for our monthly email newsletter here.


Our mission is to provide an open and trusted platform to power transfer of digital assets across siloed blockchains. We believe this will enable us to connect and empower communities globally.

Oliver Birch

Written by

VP - Global Communications & Growth at Wanchain



Our mission is to provide an open and trusted platform to power transfer of digital assets across siloed blockchains. We believe this will enable us to connect and empower communities globally.

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