Wanchain Alpha Testnet Bounty Update

Dear Wanchain Community,

We have finished reviewing all the reports sent by the community testers. In this article we have outlined the typical bugs identified, useful suggestions and pull requests made by the community testers.

We have also given a brief outline of the Developer Bounty Committee and its core functions.

These were the typical bugs and suggestions reported:


- Recharge failed.

- Bugs in the OTA balance.

- Number of format bugs with input value (e.g. 0.1 was being accepted but not 0.10).

- Transfer amount greater than available balance should be rejected before transaction timeout.


  • Install guide on OSX.
  • Exit path for ending loop.

We are also proud to include two pull requests submitted by two testers:

Pull requests

  • Docker Setup.
  • Optimist package and clean-ups.

How many of the testers sent bug reports?

19 of the testers (out of 70) reported bugs between the 7th and 19th of November. These bugs were sent in a report by email to our engineers. The bugs were carefully studied and compensation selected.

All future bounty decisions will be made by the Wanchain Developer Bounty Committee once it is up and running (the committee is explained further down).

Number of tokens reserved for this round of testing:

  • 9,200 WAN

We have reviewed the various pull requests we received and have decided to increase the bounty for these pull requests. As a result, the total tokens reserved for this round of testing have been increased to 9,200 WAN.

Everyone who submitted a bug report will receive their corresponding compensation details by email.

Developer Bounty Committee:

Although we need to include members from our community to be part of this committee, we have started preparing the overall structure and identifying the core functions of this committee.

We expect our Developer Bounty Committee to be active by the time the mainnet is launched.

The Developer Bounty Committee will overlook all the development work conducted by the community developers, select new committee members and agree on the correct compensations from the allocated pool.

Committee Core members:

The Developer Bounty Committee will be composed of:

  • 3 members from the Wanchain team
  • 1 from our advisors
  • 1 from the community (decided by the Wanchain team prior to the mainnet launch).

Core functions:

We have outlined some of the core functions the Developer Bounty Committee will be responsible for. These are:

  • Build a strong relationship with community developers.
  • Create a standardized bug and suggestions report (template).
  • Decide on developer bounties.
  • Vote and delegate new committee members.

Here is a general overview of the committee procedures:

  1. The committee will first agree on the report template which will be used by the community developers to accurately report the work conducted and the methodology used. (The report will include sections to report the methodology used, notify of bugs, improvements/suggestions and pull requests).
  2. All work conducted by the community developers will be sent as a report (standardized format provided by Wanchain) to the committee.
  3. The committee will have monthly meetings to discuss the procedures (this can be increased accordingly).
  4. The committee will review the community developer reports within a given timeframe.
  5. The compensation for the work will be agreed upon by the committee. (If a community developer is not happy with the compensation they will be able to escalate the issue and another review will take place).

Member responsibilities:

The committee members will be responsible for attending the committee meetings, lead a variety of technical topics and forums, submit bounty reward suggestions and aid in selecting new committee members.

Bounty pool:

The Developer Bounty Committee will decide an amount for the total pool of bounties every year as well as how much was spent in the year before. The pool will be composed of Ether (ETH) and the native Wancoins.

All future community developer rewards will need to be voted and approved by the Developer Bounty Committee.

Establishing a bounty committee that is composed of team members and community developers ensures that we can provide the fairest and best compensation to our community developers. Once the mainnet is live, we will adjust the number of Wancoins as per the committee’s recommendations and in accordance with the market price at the time.

About Wanchain

Wanchain connects and exchanges value between different blockchain ledgers in a distributed manner. It uses the latest cryptographic theories to build a non-proprietary cross-chain protocol and a distributed ledger that records both cross-chain and intra-chain transactions. Any blockchain network, whether a public, private or consortium chain, can integrate with Wanchain to establish connections between different ledgers and perform low cost inter-ledger asset transfers. The Wanchain ledger supports not only smart contracts, but also token exchange privacy protection.

Thank you for your continued effort and support.

The Wanchain Team

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