Wanchain announces founding class of ICO projects

Wanchain announced WanLabs at the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai today. WanLabs is an international blockchain accelerator and incubator powered by Wanchain.

WanLabs will fuel the projects with mentorship, resources and support throughout the different stages of development. WanLabs is creating an ecosystem to accelerate the next generation of quality blockchain startups.

Today Wanchain announced the first six projects that will be channelled through WanLabs. Wanchain will also announce the initial consortium accelerator graduates later in Q2 2018.

“By supporting and mentoring the startups behind quality blockchain applications, Wanchain is seeding quality products into a blockchain industry plagued by hype and half-baked apps,” — President of Wanchain, Dustin Byington

Similar to how an electronic funds network powers fiat currency transactions, Wanchain will power blockchain transactions. WanLabs cultivates the rapidly growing Wanchain ecosystem with highly-vetted and high-potential projects across the global blockchain space.

Key benefits of WanLabs for projects include:

. Increased exposure and networking opportunity with investors and community in the Wanchain ecosystem.

. Hands-on advisory to the full spectrum of business needs, including marketing, community building, legal and tokenomics.

. Marketing and PR strategic support for go-to-market launch and beyond

INDUSTRYChains Powering Blockchain Applications

As a digital currency-agnostic platform that enables the global interoperability of multiple blockchains, Wanchain will be the financial back-end powering an array of industry-specific blockchains known as INDUSTRTYChains.

These INDUSTRYChains will connect to the Wanchain main-chain using Wanchain’s cross-chain technology. Initial INDUSTRYChains to be supported by WanLabs include the travel, gaming, and media industries. Wanchain will provide further details about these projects as well as their new ‘INDUSTRYChain’ infrastructure later in the year.

WanLabs Projects

We are proud to announce the first 6 projects that will come out of our WanLabs accelerator program.

Many are established companies with millions of current users that recognize the power of blockchain to transform their business and industry.


A We-media knowledge sharing platform connect UGCs (user generated content), We-media and advertisers. A circle that everyone can create, can share, can gain from it. A revolutionary change of traditional advertisement structure with blockchain technologies. 
‘We-media, We Spread, We Gain’

Website: http://allsparkchain.com

Telegram: https://t.me/allsparkchat


BlockMedx is a blockchain healthcare infrastructure project focusing on prescription drug fraud, abuse, and non-adherence. BlockMedx is building a next-generation smart e-prescribing and analytics ecosystem that can be used anywhere in the world to send and receive electronic prescriptions, predict patient risk behaviors, and automate micropayment incentives using the token economy to incentivize healthy behavior.

Website: https://blockmedx.com

Telegram: https://t.me/BlockMedx


Unifying the activities of blockchain investment, the Curve Wallet is building the premier gateway into Crypto — The browser to blockchain. Powered by Wanchain, the Curve Wallet will bring interoperability and the benefits of decentralization to all.

CryptoCurve is launching a massive initiative to engage the current crypto community so we can bring the benefits of blockchain technology to world.

Website: http://cryptocurve.io

Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocurve


Freedium is dedicated to fostering financial inclusion and unleashing the potential of emerging and developing economies starting with the launch of the first commodity backed, stable digital currency using blockchain technology.

Freedium was founded by Keba Keinde, Chairman and CEO of Millennium Finance Corporation (MFC). The Chief Strategy Officer is Aron Dutta, former Global Head of Blockchain of IBM.

Website: http://freedium.io
Telegram: https://t.me/FreediumANN

About Wanchain

Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem that enables the exchange of digital assets between blockchains with privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts. The Wanchain infrastructure simplifies the creation of distributed financial applications for individuals and organizations to access financial services such as loans, asset exchange, multi-asset ICOs, and other asset management capabilities. Wanchain 2.0 enables the cross-chain functionalities with Ethereum. Wanchain 3.0, which will launch before the close of 2018, will enable the same functionalities with Bitcoin.

You can find more information about Wanchain on our website. Additionally, you can reach us through Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Reddit.