Wanchain to Integrate Oath Protocol for Decentralized Governance and Dispute Resolution

Wanchain is pleased to announce a collaboration and integration with the decentralized governance and dispute resolution platform Oath Protocol.

“These are exciting times for the blockchain industry and the new digital
said Jack Lu, Founder of Wanchain. The lack of a standard,
community-based governance and dispute resolution protocol was preventing
the new digital economy from unlocking its full potential and power. The new
partnership between Wanchain and Oath Protocol addresses the need for
cross-chain, decentralized governance and dispute resolution that will make
our vision of the new digital economy a reality.“

After launching on Wanchain, Oath Protocol will make dispute resolution services available for any dApps built on the blockchain. Dispute resolution is one of the core pre-requisites for making dApps usable in the real world. This will be one of the key building blocks for dApps in areas such as e-commerce, p2p services, trading, and more. The protocol is based on a distributed, community driven juror system which draws from centuries old legal tradition, while also innovating for the blockchain age.

“This promising partnership will solidify both Oath Protocol’s and Wanchain’s aspirations as two of the most well-designed and competitive blockchain companies in the digital economy, pushing both teams to new heights,” said
Xu Yin, Co-founder of Oath Protocol. “Through this collaboration, we can expect greater cross-chain user engagement and more fair and effective community based governance in the future, which will reduce barriers to blockchain adoption and push the technology frontier forward for the greater benefit of our society.”

The collaboration with Wanchain is the latest in Oath Protocol’s impressive
partnership expansion. In addition to Wanchain, Oath Protocol recently
announced partnerships with NEM, Quarkchain, UNetwork, DREP, Qtum, and
MOAC, and will provide a deeper engagement with users on its partner
platforms and showcase Oath Protocol’s unique style of community governance and dispute resolution.

As part of the partnership, Wanchain community members will also receive a 15% bonus (on top of the regular sign-up reward of 200 OATH) for joining the Oath Protocol juror community. To receive the bonus, community members may follow the link above or manually enter in the code “WANCHAIN” when applying to join the juror community from Oath Protocol’s website.

About Oath Protocol

Oath Protocol is an infrastructure layer that facilitates decentralized,
community-based governance and dispute resolution for both blockchain and
traditional companies and businesses. Modeled on the common-law jury
system, it combines one of the leading real-world dispute resolution systems
with blockchain technologies to build a fair, transparent, and robust community decisionmaking platform. Oath Protocol relies on the community of ordinary blockchain users to join the jury pool and participate in case arbitration to earn rewards. To learn more about them, visit

About Wanchain

Wanchain is a blockchain platform that enables decentralized transfer of value between blockchains. The Wanchain infrastructure enables the creation of distributed financial applications for individuals and organizations. Wanchain currently enables cross-chain transactions with Ethereum, and the next product launch will enable the same functionalities with Bitcoin. Going forward, we will continue to bridge blockchains and bring cross-chain finance functionality to companies in the industry. Wanchain has employees globally with offices in Beijing (China), Austin (USA), and London (UK).

You can find more information about Wanchain on our website. Additionally, you can reach us through Telegram, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Reddit.