Wanchain Validator Node Mainnet Launch

Wanchain’s community of Validator nodes is launching on the network today ahead of the September 3rd activation of Proof of Stake

Dan Reecer
Aug 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Wanchain is thrilled to have our community of Validator nodes launching on our network today, marking the first day that users can stake WAN tokens on Wanchain’s main network. Validators and users will begin earning rewards for securing the network on September 3rd upon the official activation of Proof of Stake consensus on Wanchain. Users are encouraged to stake their coins before the September 3rd activation of Proof of Stake.

We had over 140 Validators join our beta test network, and our team received invaluable feedback from our community of testers as they prepared for today’s launch. Thank you to all the Validators and community testers that contributed to this successful launch!

Wanchain Validator Economics and Definitions

Please see this previous article for details on helpful definitions and economics details:

Setting up a Validator Node

Instructions for setting up a Validator node can be found on our documentation website here, along with an exhaustive repository of other Wanchain documentation.

To register your node’s name, photo, and website, please fill out this form.

For questions, please join us in our Telegram group or Gitter channel.

How to Stake WAN Tokens

For simple delegation, please delegate through the official WanWallet or MyWanWallet. If you are setting up the new Desktop Light wallet and have your WAN on your old desktop wallet, you will simply need to just sent the coins to your new wallet address before delegating to a Validator node(s).

For command line based delegation, please see the documentation site here.

A list of the current live Validators can be viewed on the new Wanchain explorer here.

New Product Releases

Many new products were released yesterday, some of which are essential to staking and validating. Please see the blog post below for information and download links:

The team will continue to keep you updated on progressions regarding Proof of Stake launch on September 3rd. Thank you for your continued support, and please reach out to us with any questions you may have!

About Wanchain

Wanchain is the infrastructure connecting the decentralized financial world. Wanchain’s live cross-blockchain solution is EVM-based, includes optional private transactions, and provides a decentralized, permissionless, and secure approach for interoperability. Wanchain has employees globally with teams in Beijing (China), Austin (USA), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Madrid (Spain).

You can find more information about Wanchain on our website. Additionally, you can reach us through Telegram, Gitter, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Reddit. You can also sign up for our monthly email newsletter here.

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