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What is the Storeman ‘Activity’ ?

  1. The goal of Storeman ‘activity’ is to prevent a node from being inactive for a long time and causing cross chain transaction to fail. So distribution of Storeman rewards is not directly related to the ‘activity’ of that node.

2. The activity displayed on the Wanwallet and Wanchain explorer is calculated according to the activity factor of that node during the entire working cycle. Activity is caluated by the formula that: number of MPC signatures signed by that node divided / total crosschain transactions received by the Storeman group.

3. The rewards are distributed on a daily basis. The rewards distribution is based on the overall activity factor but the activity of that day, which is calculated by MPC signatures signed by that node divided / total crosschain transactions received by the Storeman group of that day.

The activity calculation of that day is the number of transactions signed by a certain node in the MPC that day divided by the number of cross-chain transactions received by the group that day.

4. Check the activity of a day when rewards are distributed. If the activity is greater than or equal to 50%, there will be a full reward, and if the activity is less than 50%, there will be no reward.

However, In order to avoid the occasional network problem of a node affecting the reward, the mechanism designed that when the total number of crosschain transactions throughout the day areless than or equal to 5, all nodes shall have full rewards regardless of the activity factor.




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