Friedl Rösterei & Kekse in Berlin

Kiriaini Estate from Kenya by Friedl Rösterei & Kekse in Berlin, Germany

Good morning, dear coffee experts and enthusiasts! Another Monday has come and we’re about to celebrate it with our #coffeeoftheweek. We continue exploring speciality coffee scene in Berlin. Over the time we’ve spent looking for the best roasteries away from our beloved city, the number of places making their own roasts skyrocketed, so we decided to pay some attention to them. But no worries, we already have some trips planned, so there will be definitely something besides Berlin in your feed for sure. Today we opened a pack of black pearls grown on Kiriaini Estate in Kenya and roasted in Berlin by Friedl Rösterei & Kekse. This is a rather small place, hidden in the middle of Berlin’s trendiest district Prenzlauer Berg, that specializes in coffee and cookies. Once you enter their shop, your senses are immediately overwhelmed with smells of roasting coffee and freshly baked pastries. If you’re lucky, you can actually witness with your own eyes the wizardry of operating the roaster machine through the huge glass window in the shop. But back to the coffee. The sample we’ve got has a very pleasant fruity taste, which is typical for Kenyan beans. Expect a well-balanced medium body with notes of gooseberry and red currants, that almost tastes like an Italian dry red wine, except that it’s not, which it’s acceptable in the morning on your way to the office. Have a nice week, folks, an stay safe!

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