Herr Florian Steiner and his Coffee

Steiners Café Creme by Florian Steiner Kaffee

Welcome to this beautiful autumn week! It’s getting chilly in Berlin, which means it’s time to start making use of your tumbler. Today we are going to fill ours with our #coffeeoftheweek Steiners Café Creme roasted in Florian Steiner Kaffee in Heidelberg, Germany. It was a short trip there to meet some friends and walk a bit in the city. Naturally, our first goal was to find the best coffee place in town and we were told to go straight to Mr. Steiner’s café. A marvellous scent of coffee is the first thing you’ll notice after you step into this temple of coffee. Being a coffee enthusiast and connoisseur himself, Mr. Steiner opened one the first roasteries in Heidelberg focused on speciality coffee. He kindly invited us to his roasting room and showed us around a bit. The coffee he suggested us is an house blend that he was using for German Roasters Championship back in 2009 when he became a winner, so you can assume it is a good choice. This blend is a mix of Ethiopian Kochere, Kenyan Igutha and Fazendas Recreio from Brazil. All these three combined together result in a full-bodied and rich infusion with notes of chocolate and red berries. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Have a nice week, coffee folks!

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