The Barn of Berlin

Kamviu PB by The Barn, Berlin

Welcome to the last Monday of October! Hope you all had tons of fun over the weekend and to those of you who are not sharing the Halloween excitement — it’s over, folks, ain’t going to happen until the next year.

As some of you already noticed, we reside in a city called Berlin that is located somewhere in Germany. This is a beautiful city to live in and a great place to fall in love with coffee. Germans love caffeine and consume it in any form that is possible. Naturally, there are tons of coffee places offering all kinds of drinks possible, from Milchkaffee (which can be literally translated as “milk coffee”) to a single-origin-custom-roasted-micro-batch brews. There are also several roasteries offering their own roasts, and of them The Barn might be the most famous one. Every time we show up in a coffee shop in some part of the world and mention we’re from Berlin, The Barn is the first name that pops up.

Today we are pleased to name Kenyan Kamviu PB from The Barn #coffeeoftheweek. This a very special sort and we’re quite excited to try it. You might ask what so special about it? Usually a coffee cherry has two beans in it, but this specie has a slight mutation in its genes which causes each fruit to have only one bean. As the result beans are smaller, shaped more like a sphere rather than a normal coffee bean, and contain much more taste inside. When brewed using the pour-over method this sort results into a complex infusion, very gentle on acidity, with notes of currants and brown sugar in it. We’d lite to experiment with this coffee a bit more and try different brewing methods as well. Stay tuned to our #coffee101 to learn about them! As for now have a good Monday and don’t forget to join us later this week to learn more about coffee!

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