Getting back out there

I returned from the biggest Eurotrip of my life at the end of September 2013. I couldn’t get the Euro-mindset out of my head — all the crazy partying I had done that summer, exploring countries for the first time, socializing with anybody I came into contact with…but I was back in Toronto. That meant cold stares from strangers on streets, little culture (have yet to figure out what “Canadian” is), and the struggle to find my favourite foods from the different countries I had been to that summer.

As my Australian visa was purchased a couple weeks earlier with hopes to permanently live there, I knew I would be leaving the place I had forever called home pretty soon. That meant a newfound appreciation for nearly everything.

The last few months I had in Toronto were definitely some of my best. Every time I would pass the CN Tower & the Skydome I would admire the structures as something incredible - I would truly appreciate them.

My mother and I also grew closer than ever…

…we spent the day at Niagara Falls and the surrounding towns……we went treetop trekking somewhere near Bowmanville…we had several lunch sushi dates…and we would just meet up several times a week knowing that in the near future I would be gone for an indeterminable amount of time.

…And my best friend and I went on a roadtrip to Ottawa for a weekend where I finally got to skate on the Rideau Canal, something I had always wanted to do (on a side note: I absolutely loved Ottawa).

Around this time I began to promote for a lot of really cool companies (ie Nike Canada, Warner Bros, Carlsberg, Kronenbourg, Somersby, etc) which meant full time socializing and networking. I had previously been a behavioural therapist for autistic children for 4 months which was extremely rewarding but also very stressful, so the change right before Europe put me back into the Euro-mindset again.

Everyday was spent with friends or family, and always socializing.

I finally grew to truly love and appreciate Toronto. Leaving behind my city, my friends, my family — I was almost too scared I couldn’t do it anymore.

I knew saying goodbye would be really difficult.

But then I would have all those friends telling me how I had inspired them to travel, or asking me for advice on trips they wanted to do, or how I was insane for going out there again alone. Even though some questions had been asked multiple times from different people, I never got sick of them. I was able to share my passion for the beauty of the world with others. And this reminded me why I had to get back out there and out of the little safety net we all build for ourselves (there is a full on conversation coming on this one in the near future).

My original plan had been to try to get out to Australia for December of 2013, but as I was slacking on finding a job that quickly turned into an “I should do a Eurotrip again on my way to Australia” plan. This next Eurotrip was a lot easier to organize for myself. I knew exactly which countries I wanted to get back to, the events I didn’t want to miss, and I already knew exactly how to plan out my itinerary learning off of my previous journey. So in July of 2014, on my way to my potential permanent home of Sydney, Australia, my solo trip to Europe began.

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