Quartzy recently reported that for maximum recharge, interrupt your week with a Wednesday off. (Read the whole article here: https://qz.com/quartzy/1342604/the-best-vacation-is-a-wednesday-off/)

This inspired us at Wanderlust Society to accept the challenge of concocting #WanderlustWednesday.

In 2009, author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris published The Four Hour Work Week. Our favorite tip out of that book was to envision how you’d like to live in retirement, and then add a little now. The premise is that you should plan to work longer into your elder years, but the best way to do that is to add a little bit of the retirement fun now. Keep the batteries charged so you don’t burn out long before you are financially able to retire.

My husband, Andy Kleitsch found a creative way to do this while he was spending a few days a week in the Bay Area for his last startup. Every week he was looking for a place to stay for his last minute meetings he was scheduling. After reading The Four Hour Workweek he realized he would want to live on a boat in retirement. This gave him the idea to post to Craigslist, “Seattle Entrepreneur who frequently travels to San Francisco wants to rent your boat for weekly stays.” He heard back from another entrepreneur who had purchased a decommissioned 1940s U.S. Coast Ship, Fir.

My husband was able to rent the captain’s quarters on the Fir in San Francisco Bay for $800/mo. The Fir was forced to leave for the dock reconstruction a few years later.

The Fir was not the boat he envisioned retiring on, but wow! He basically had the whole ship to himself until the owner found a few more tenants — and the location behind AT&T ballpark in downtown San Francisco couldn’t be beat. The whole family even took a trip down to stay on the ship. My son was about ten at the time and took to talking like a pirate while staying on the ship.


Another favorite book for encouraging mandatory battery recharging is The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron. Should you accept the Artist’s Way 12 week challenge, you are required to take yourself on a weekly “artist date” to recharge your batteries so you can get back to work as your best self.

While I personally have had a problem with this in the past, I’m committing to it now. My kids are gone for the next two weeks starting tomorrow. While I want to take this time to go head’s down on work, I also know I will be happier and more energized to work smarter if I unplug and enjoy friends and nature.

Who else is in for the #WanderlustWednesday challenge? I’m planning this Wednesday’s escape now!