What’s new at Wanderlust Society HQ

Hello friends,

Here’s what’s new at Wanderlust Society HQ.

Welcome Sean Vegeler

Sean Vegeler joins the team as an advisor focusing on finance and strategy decisions. He spent thirteen years at Amazon in a variety of finance roles before moving on to manage the home front and four children. When not engaged in kid-focused activities and commitments, Sean enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, skiing, and soccer (unfortunately, now watching more than playing). Sean joined Wanderlust Society because of the team, the product, and the business opportunity.

Special thanks

We’ve been previewing our website with a small group of travelers who need a place to visually bookmark the places they’d like to visit, and take their plans with them. Many thanks to our early users giving us invaluable feedback.

We need your help

Are you planning a vacation and would like to help? Email hello@wanderlustsociety.co and we will invite you into the latest batch of product testing.

Wishing you a long weekend filled with some good old-fashioned wandering,
The Wanderlust Society Team

Pssst! Here’s a sneak peek of the team photo from our soon to launch marketing site. Left to right: Sean Vegeler, Jeff Topham, Andrej Gregov, Jana Kleitsch and Mike Anderson.
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