4 Pro tips for saving money on flights — for Indian Travelers

A lot of friends ask how I manage travel often? Cheapest flight deals. Here is some advice for improving your odds of getting the best prices.

Exclusive Member deals — Sign Up for Frequent Flyer Programs

Easy win. It’s FREE! Sign up for Frequent Flyer programs of airlines that you fly often. Faster checkout, collecting miles and get notified for exclusive member only sale and discounts. Below you can see the price comparison during member only sale and floating prices.

Comparison of prices during Member only sale and Normal days
Discounts during Big sale were upto 90% and you could redeem for as low as 600 points. I’ve also been earning points (1574)

Set Priority Alerts on FB

Notifications for each post in FB can be spammy and taxing. But hidden is this option to always see new posts on top of your feed in case you miss them (you’ll miss them mostly). FB Marketing is big and most airlines send a word out on sale here first. Making sure I don’t miss out on any post.

Fly budget carriers (mostly)

Whether it’s flying outside or within India, I prefer budget carriers unless I’m flying with miles. Air Asia can get you crazy deals in Asia, Australia and India. Ryan Air, WOW Air, Norwegian in UK and Europe. Limited perks but you save a lot of dough.

Compare — Google Flight Matrix and other tools

Google Flights, a really useful tool that helps some complex flight searching. While it doesn’t show budget airlines, it gives a good overview of prices over months.

London to Mumbai

Price comparison between Jet Airways and Expedia for the same flight.
Momondo gives options to choose from — also includes low cost budget airlines.

Always check in Momondo for budget airlines. The Cheapest one below is 21.5k and the best is around 22.5k but the difference is around 18hours. I’ll choose the best option in this case. I spend around 15–20 minutes before I book a flight on comparing flights and prices. Don’t go crazy looking for the deal that has the slightest drop in price, rather plan your travel and save some time.

If you’re looking for travel hacks, tips on the best travel credit cards in India leave a comment and I’ll respond back. If you found this valuable, please share with friends. Thanks!