Announcement — Wannabit 3.0.0 Updated

BCH, ETC, Ledger QRC20 withdrawal added

On Tuesday, June 12th, Wannabit Wallet 3.0.0 was released. Wannabit Wallet 3.0.0 now supports interaction with five different blockchains — BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, QTUM.

All blockchains supported on Wannabit Wallet can be accessed with your Ledger, Private Key, Mnemonics, or through creating a new wallet.

Previously, a lot of QTUM users have had problems withdrawing QRC20 tokens from their Ledger QTUM address. Now users can withdraw their QRC20 tokens by simply connecting their Ledger devices and accessing their address through Wannabit Wallet.

Below is a list of functions available on the current version as well as upcoming roadmaps.

Wannabit Wallet 3.0.0

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallet Support
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) Wallet Support
  • Ledger QRC20 withdrawal support — Withdraw QRC20 tokens from a Ledger QTUM address easily. QRC20 tokens can now be stored securely in Ledger and managed through Wannabit Wallet.

Wannabit Wallet 4.0.0

  • Litecoin (LTC) Wallet Support
  • Changelly — Users can swap tokens they wish to exchange or purchase using Wannabit Wallet’s swap service provided through partnership with Changelly. Using the token swap function on Wannabit Wallet allows users to easily receive their swapped tokens on their respective blockchain wallet address supported on our service.

Upcoming Roadmap

  • EOS Wallet & Voting Portal — we have completed research on supporting EOS main net on our wallet. Users will be able to transfer their EOS coins and tokens and also vote for Block Producer(BP) candidates through our platform.
  • Kyber Network — through adding a decentralized token swap protocol along with a centralized swap protocol (Changelly), Wannabit will provide more liquidity and transparency to our users.
  • Asset Portfolio — Users can view their current cryptocurrency asset and also their asset growth history through both our web interface and iOS & Android application currently under development. Not only will users be able to track their current asset
  • Android & iOS Applications — Wannabit is currently developing its mobile application. Users can view their crypto asset portfolio and profit history and access their personal wallets as well.

All blockchains supported on Wannabit Wallet is compatible with Ledger’s 24 word mnemonics.

This means that if a blockchain currently supported by Wannabit Wallet is also supported on Ledger, users can either connect their Ledger to their computer OR use the 24 word mnemonics to access addresses stored on their Ledger hardware wallet device.