[EOStart Mobile Wallet] RAM Market, Staking Live

RAM market and EOS Staking is now live on EOStart mobile wallet.

EOStart Mobile Wallet has added RAM trading and EOS staking.

Click on “RAM” to trade RAM directly on your mobile EOS wallet.

To manage your resources, click on CPU or NET. Select the total staking amount and choose the proportion of how much EOS you want to stake to CPU and NET.

EOStart Mobile Wallet is a fully decentralized EOS wallet. User private key is encrypted and stored locally on the user’s device and never passed to or stored in our servers.

EOStart currently supports withdrawal and deposit of 30+ EOS tokens including CET, BET, IQ, EOSBLACK, MEET.ONE, etc.

Download now on the Android store:

Upcoming updates:

Integration with DEXEOS, EOSBet, and more decentralized applications on the EOS blockchain.

Official Website: wannabit.io
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