EOStart Mobile Wallet — securely send and receive EOS & EOS dApp tokens

David Park
Aug 21, 2018 · 2 min read

EOStart mobile wallet is released in the Android application store. Download now to manage your EOS accounts.

Wannabit Blockchain Labs has released EOStart, a mobile wallet application for EOS.

A few weeks back, Wannabit released EOStart as an EOS account creation portal. EOStart is now released in the Android application store as a fully decentralized EOS wallet application that allows you to send and receive your EOS & EOS dApp tokens.

EOStart currently supports withdrawal for EOS & 16 EOS dAPP tokens.

Following are the tokens supported on EOStart: IQ, CET, ADD, ATD, BLACK, EDNA, eosDAC, EOSNOW, ESB, HORUS, IRESPO, KARMA, OCT, PGL, RIDL, WIZZ.

To begin using EOStart, simply import your existing EOS accounts or create a new account (Clicking on “Create an account” will take you directly to eostart.com for easy account creation).

To import an existing account, press “Add Account” to enter your 12 character EOS account name. To view/track your accounts without the ability to withdraw your coins, simply skip the part where you enter your private key.

Add your private key to unlock your wallet for withdrawals. All private keys entered by the user are encrypted and saved locally on the user’s phone. NO user private key is sent or stored to our servers at any given point of time.

After entering private key, you are required to set a pin code for your account to protect your account from theft.

All accounts imported on EOStart can be used simultaneously with other EOS based services such as Scatter.

Wannabit Blockchain Labs is a group of individuals dedicated to providing value to the blockchain space through researching blockchain technology and applying them to real-life use cases. We strive to not only bring forward transparency and efficiency to this space but also trust and convenience through combining our extensive knowledge in blockchain technology and our vision for the decentralized future.

For more information and updates on Wannabit Blockchain Labs, please visit the links below:
https://t.me/joinchat/GTBI4UYr1-JkQRc7OwtvWA (Telegram newly opened)

Wannabit Blockchain Labs

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