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5 Rounds of Hive Rewards

Our community decided to save some Wasps from burning. The proposal went through and the winning option was to use the Wasps designated for burning to start a new Hive staking pool. In this article, you will find the specifics.

How does it work?

We will initiate a vote to decide on which token the reward will be. There will be 5 rounds and each round lasts 4 weeks. The vote for the next round will be initiated 2 weeks before the current round ends. The Hive works as follows: Stake $WASP — Earn voted token. Like the current Hive, there will be no lockup times, you can withdraw instantly at any time. The old Hive will stay in place, so you will have more options to stake your $WASP.

There was 400k WASP saved from the burn. This means that for each round we will use 80k of WASP for buying the designated token.

Round 1

The vote for round 1 will be initiated shortly after the release of this article. Follow our Twitter and Telegram channels, it will be announced there. For round 1 you can choose between the following assets.

  • wanBTC
  • wanETH
  • wanXRP
  • WAN
  • WASP
  • ZOO
  • WAND

About WanSwap

Wanswap is a decentralized exchange with automated market-making (AMM) with yield farming options. WanSwap is built on the Wanchain blockchain and takes advantage of its cross-chain features to enable multi-chain asset trading with trustless native chain withdrawal. WanSwap supports EOS, BTC, WAN, XRP, LTC, DOGE, ETH, and a growing number of ERC20 tokens. More chains are coming soon.

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