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WanSwap: New Listings Coming

WanSwap has been gaining a lot of traction recently. So we’ve decided on a couple of initiatives to expand our token list with help from you, the community. These two methods will largely expand your trading options. We’ve added a bit of detail to the two approaches below. These will go live Friday 26th March.

A new top 100 ERC20 token each week with farming rewards

Each new token introduction will pass through 3 phases before ending in a default state.

1. Start: Promotional Phase (1 week)
2. The token is listed with x5 rewards (1 week)
3. The token reward is reduced to x1 (1 week)
4. End: Liquidity providers will earn their share of the 0.25% fees on transactions(default state)

The idea is that there will always be a token in each of the first three phases (a rolling week process). The visual below shows an example of two tokens going through the cycle (You’ll need to imagine the third, fourth, fifth token…). So when the first week (promo phase) ends for token one, that’s when we start the promo phase for token two.


  • Tokens have to be in the top 100 tokens on Uniswap, this is a mandatory requirement to participate in the poll
  • Tokens will be chosen by Twitter poll, follow us to keep being up to date
  • After the end of this period, tokens can be voted in for a more permanent allocation

Springtime, a competition between tokens

Next to the top 100 listings, there will be an initiative where two Wanchain compatible tokens (this includes all ERC20 tokens, EOS tokens, and soon also Polkadot tokens) will be listed with x1 rewards for WASP. The tokens will get these rewards for two weeks. After this ends, the token with the most liquidity will stay in for another two weeks, and they will compete with a new token. The token that loses will still be tradable, and liquidity providers will still receive their share of the 0.25% fee collected for transactions. If a token wins three consecutive times a voting proposal will be made by the team, by winning the vote the project can get an allocation for a longer period.

How to apply?

Projects can apply for Springtime, if there are not enough applications the tokens will be chosen by a poll on the WanSwap Twitter account. This initiative is meant for new or upcoming projects. Projects can reach out to us through Twitter.

About WanSwap

Wanswap is a decentralized exchange with automated market-making (AMM). WanSwap is built on the Wanchain blockchain and takes advantage of its cross-chain features to enable multi-chain asset trading with trustless native chain withdrawal. WanSwap supports EOS, BTC, WAN, ETH, and a growing number of ERC20 tokens. XRP and DOT are coming soon.

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WanSwap enables rapid cross-chain crypto asset trading with fees less than 1000th of Ethereum

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