Mills is the co-founder of usTwo, which creates digital products, services and businesses.

The usTwo website states:

“We team up with companies to make meaningful digital experiences. Or… simpler still… We make things to change things.”

usTwo has been thrust into the spotlight with their exceptionally popular mobile game ‘Monument Valley’. Which achieved huge critical acclaim and ended up featuring in the popular Netflix show ‘House Of Cards’.

Mills now runs ‘The Adventure Floor’, which is an exciting feature of usTwo.

The Adventure Floor is an incubator that invites small businesses to work in usTwo’s studios and utilise the skills and expertise of others doing the same. As well as receiving potential investment from usTwo.

usTwo also has a client facing side to their business. Which creates digital products and services for clients including Ford, Android Wear, Harvey Nichols, Nike, Adidas, BMW, Sony, Sky and Google to name just a few.

In fact, they made the seductively slick Harvey Nichols Rewards App, which was the subject of the “Shoplifters” campaign by adam&eveDDB.

Mills has recently undertaken the challenge to run an ultra-marathon by his 40th Birthday. (That’s 62-miles. Ouch.)

Mills doing, in his own words, an amazingly hideous VO2 Max test.

Mills recently published this on Medium, which details 35-things he recommends you know about him. I highly recommend reading it before listening to our interview, as it helps you get a real feel for his personality.

Like, for example, how he wears shorts, all of the time. (Even to meetings at 10 Downing Street.)

Loves him some shorts.

Mills is blazing a trail and it’s a pleasure to speak to him.