Say Hello to Wappler Blocks

George Petrov
Apr 5 · 3 min read

As we are approaching Wappler 2.0, new features have been born. One of these new features that will be added in the future is Wappler Blocks.

Now you might ask, what are Wappler Blocks? Wappler Blocks can be described as a big collection of responsive blocks that build perfect Bootstrap 4 websites. The collection offers over 170 blocks in different categories:

Wappler Blocks is an experimental feature, which means it’s currently only available as a preview. To activate and use the experimental features you will need to enable the experimental features option in the global settings/system. Please do consider to test it out and leave us some feedback for future updates.

Wappler blocks are located in the Insert Elements Panel, which is now extended and offers a choice between Elements and Blocks. Elements are the basic single items and App Connect components, whereas Blocks are ready-to-go building block compositions of these elements.

Wappler Blocks makes creating a website an easy job, increasing your productivity by the second! Select the category needed and choose the block that fits your website. The selected block has several placeholders you can modify to fit your desires.

Other New Features & Updates

The Design View has also been completely rebuild together with the active element selection. It’s now faster than ever before and it includes a rich set of placeholders for images, videos and products.

Akribis Systems (Germany)

Featured User Showcase

This week we present you a website built with Wappler by Andre Bender, the talented web developer, CEO of Swiss Web Factory. Here’s what he briefly explains about the site:

For Akribis Systems (Germany) we have realized a multilingual, modern and fresh website. The appearance fits seamlessly into their corporate identity. In addition to our easy-to-use CMS, we have built-in our blog tool and used URL rewriting for optimized SEO. For product presentation we’ve implemented masonry cards which change to swipers in mobile view.

Latest Docs & Guides

You can find these docs and more in our Wappler Documentation.

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Build highly interactive custom web sites, CMS systems and mobile apps, fully visual in Wappler. No coding required!

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Build highly interactive custom web sites, CMS systems and mobile apps, fully visual in Wappler. No coding required!