Visual Media, Design and Projects Management in Wappler

Just before we hit Wappler 2.0, we still have some newly released features in store for you.

New Features and Updates

Introducing the new Assets Manager Panel, a great new (experimental) feature for managing and using all of your project assets visually!

The new Assets Manager Panel has thumbnail caching and drag and drop support, and with its ultra fast performance you will be able to manage your project assets easily. Thanks to the great feedback we received the Assets Manager has been improved with several new options, such as panel resizing options, tooltips with image names in thumbnail view and a new list view.

The Assets Manager has also been integrated with the image picker button. This consists of a new dialog showing you all of your assets so you can easily pick the image you need.

Experimental features are currently only available as a preview. To activate and use the experimental features you will need to enable the experimental features option in the global settings/system. Please do consider to test them out and leave us some feedback for future updates.

Another reworked feature is the Project Manager. Here you can organize your projects in several folders and quickly search for the right project. Now you can quickly take a screenshot by clicking the camera icon and use the image as a thumbnail for your project.

The Design View now allows you to use the new Inline Columns Resizing as well as the improved Inline Edit Toolbar. The first feature can be used to resize your Bootstrap 4 Columns with the new size and offset handles. You can now resize you columns visually based on the device view and the active responsive breakpoints. The Inline Edit Toolbar has been improved to format your text and work with dynamic data:

Not using Wappler yet?

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