George Petrov
Sep 17 · 5 min read

In the past few weeks Wappler has gone through tons of new updates and received lots of new components! We also got some great showcases made by our users to show off!

Latest Updates and Features

File Manager

The new File Manager and Git Version Control integration have been finalized and are now officially integrated in Wappler.

We’ve been able to greatly improved the File Manager in Wappler, thanks to the feedback we received from our Community. The File Manager now includes a remote target view to show you the remote target files and folders:

We have fully finalized the Git integration in Wappler. So it is an official feature and no longer under the experimental flag!

Font Awesome 5 Pro Duotone Icons

We also added support for Font Awesome 5 Pro Duotone Icons. You can fully customize them by selecting Primary and Secondary Colors as well as the opacity:

New Code Editor

We have implemented a brand new code diffing tool for the Git Manager. Now you can see the exact code changes. When you are peeking in the new code diffing tool — you’ll see something very interesting — a whole new code editor!

Based on the industry standard Monaco Editor*, backed by Microsoft and available in all of their Visual Studio products, this powerful editor is now also integrated in Wappler! We will be gradually implementing it and replacing the older Code Mirror based editor that we currently have.

*Available as an experimental feature for editing JS files only. Please enable the experimental features in the system options to use it.

Monaco Editor

With Monaco Editor we will be able offer you more power than ever in Wappler! Unmatched light speed but also context sensible editing, smarter code generation and automatic refactoring. This is what you always wanted to have in Wappler!

Monaco editor is enabled for all CSS files. It includes options like smart auto complete of CSS names, extensive inline help for all of the CSS properties, inline color picker and many more:

Awesome features like mini-map, code inspection, declarations, inline help, smart autocomplete and so much! The brand new code editor is currently available only in diff mode (read only) and as an experimental feature for editing JS files, so enable the experimental features in system options to check it out in Wappler!

Dropzone Improvements

We’ve also greatly improved the Dropzone integration with the Form Validator. More validation rules are now supported and the validation messages are nicely stylized:

App Connect File Download

The new file download component allows your to add custom file downloader with controls and progress bars on your pages:

User Showcases

Webill Website

This is the website of WeBill — a SaaS company that builds software for desktop and mobile apps. The site is built as a SPA with all the content pages loading into the main view.

Peniche Ocean Watch Website

Peniche Ocean Watch (POW) unites enthusiasts from all sectors and backgrounds under one roof and empowers them to pursue innovative solutions related to ocean and societal challenges — be they local, regional, national or even global.

This modern responsive website includes some of Wappler’s most popular front-end components, such as Swiper, Masonry and Preloader.

Luxury Cape Stays Website

This is the website of Luxury Cape Stays in Cape Town, South Africa. The site offers a selection of well-appointed Cape Town apartments for rent along the Atlantic Seaboard. Another great Showcase created with Wappler!

Latest Docs & Guides

You can find these docs and more in our Wappler Documentation.

Not using Wappler yet?

Download Wappler here, and don’t forget to join our community forum! Share your experience, get help, showcase your work or just have nice chat with others.

Build highly interactive custom web sites, CMS systems and mobile apps, fully visual in Wappler. No coding required!

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Build highly interactive custom web sites, CMS systems and mobile apps, fully visual in Wappler. No coding required!

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