Wappler Weekly #2: Community Feedback Galore!

Thanks to our community feedback, this week we’ve greatly improved Wappler! Not only will we show you the new and improved features in the latest Wappler update, we also have some great showcases and guides for you to look at — all made with Wappler!

In the newest Wappler 1.6.2 release a lot of improvements have been made in Design View, CSS Design Panel, Code View and DOM Panel:

Design View

We added many new shortcut keys to Design View and now it’s easier than ever to work on your page. Toggle Bootstrap 4 grid, add a new element or duplicate an existing one.

CSS Design Panel

Our CSS Designer Panel has been fine-tuned with a brand new powerful CSS parser that understands CSS better than anybody, is now built into Wappler.

Code View

We have many improvements in code view, based on your requests. For example you can now jump to a specific line in your code, using the CTRL-G keys combination as seen here:

DOM Tree

We greatly improved the selection of elements in DOM Tree. Now it automatically highlights and scrolls to the selected element.

Project Targets Settings

Greatly improved Testing Connection when defining Local or Remote Targets! No more wrong connections or server model choice — everything is tested now to make sure your settings are correct and the used services are online.

These are just a handful of the new and improved features, you can check out the full list here on our community forum.

Fleyg Website built with Wappler

This week we introduce you a modern one-page website for Fleyg products created by the talented web-developer André Bender — CEO and founder of Swiss Web Factory!

Fleyg Website By André Bender

The website contains finely tuned animations, a special side navigation and a special contact form in the footer. It includes some of the newest components, like swiper in combination with lightbox, video player and also font awesome integration. The site is fully responsive and looks great on any device.

You can take a look at the full website right here.

Fullscreen Swiper Showcase

For this showcase we used App Connect Swiper and set its height to 100% in order to make it full-screen. We enabled the parallax effects and added parallax animations for the text blocks covering the images. Navigation arrows and bullets are enabled.

Latest Guides

We release new guides on our community forum from time to time — this week we released:

You can find these guides and more in our Wappler Documentation.

Not using Wappler yet?

Download Wappler here, and don’t forget to join our community forum! Share your experience, get help, showcase your work or just have nice chat with others.