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George Petrov
Oct 10, 2019 · 7 min read

Not too long ago, on our community, lots of (ex-)Bubble users as well as our own users gave their thoughts on Wappler. Today we compiled some of these stories into what we think gives a nice overview of what our users think of Wappler.

User Insights

Wappler offers a quick, easy and efficient way of designing and building websites and mobile apps. According to our users, Wappler has made it possible to increase their productivity time immensely!

Freedom and Performance

With Wappler, there are no limits to your creativity. Recently, has made the switch from Bubble to Wappler:

“IMHO Wappler is a fantastic tool that gives you greater flexibility than Bubble when it comes to being able to choose your own hosting infrastructure, software platform and database. It also allows you to easily tweak HTML/PHP/CSS code and best of all, NO per-app pricing and almost NO software-vendor lock in. You are free to export the full code produced by Wappler and take it with you. Something Bubble does not let you do!” —

At Wappler we know that everyone should be able to express their ideas and create what they want without limitations. By being in control of everything within a project in Wappler, there are no limitations. You can do whatever with your website or app, as well as host it wherever you want.

“Another ex-Bubbler here. Liking Wappler already because I have the controls, not somebody halfway across the planet” —

Wappler gives you complete freedom of publishing. You are in control of all the source code, have full access to it and can use any hosting provider for your websites.

“That is the biggest downside with Bubble… performance. This is where Wappler 100% wins (along with portability I personally love that I get to choose how to scale my own app).” —

“I started porting over from bubble in June and could not be happier. My first release will be in a couple weeks. I’m here mainly because of the performance, frameworks, flexibility, hybrid apps, and no lock-in.” —

Community Difference

Both Wappler and Bubble have active communities where users can ask questions or chat with each other. Yet according to one of our users, there are two major differences between the two communities:

“Along with passionate users participation, you also have consistent participation from the Wappler team…sometimes having it from the proverbial horses mouth is critical.

There is less traffic here (however very responsive), which could naturally be fewer users, fewer issues, etc., but I think it is worth pointing out that because everything is standards based, we have Google. Need an html change, Google. Javascript question, Google. Bootstrap 4, Google…etc. The forum can be your place for topics regarding the editor itself, whereas on Bubble, nearly everything inherently is a Bubble topic.

It is great that users have both options…I’ve said it elsewhere, there is room for both products — choices are good. Some people just won’t feel good with Wappler, and vice versa.” —

Web Standards in Wappler

“[Wappler] produces standard code using industry standard libraries and in many cases the solution does not reside in the forum but elsewhere on the internet where huge amounts of support information resides.” —

Another major Wappler advantage, is that Wappler uses standards based web frameworks and produces standards code that every professional web developer can read and use. This means that when building websites and apps on a high professional level, no bloat code will be used. This is why the websites and apps built with Wappler can be extremely fast.

Database Creation

Another difference is that Bubble has an database creation tool, unfortunately, if you want to create a Database, you would need to use external tools to do so. However, we are actually working on integrating a Database creation tool in Wappler soon!

We also had a discussion about this on our :

“I must admit though, Bubble does make database management a lot easier with their PAAS type solution, but with a little training and persistence, you’ll soon realize the benefits of learning to manage your own database.” —

Our response:

“As Brian mentioned, a database creator/management tool is planned and will be integrated in Wappler, so it will make it easier to visually create your database tables”

Also, in addition to our documentation we are working on a more newbie oriented intro/getting started guide which explains the basics of Wappler, its UI and the workflows for building a web site/app, so it will make the on-boarding easier for new users.

Wappler Philosophy

Wappler is a living product — This means that we are continuously adding new features, improvements and hot new components as well as frameworks. It is also fully community driven — you ask for it and we build it.

That is why our update cycles are really short — usually weekly. We are NOT like the big companies such as Adobe and Microsoft that bring you just one update per year of things you have no idea of. We listen to you and give you the power you need — directly.

By buying a Wappler license you are buying a ticket to the future — a promise to get the most powerful tools at your disposal. If you don’t want that — don’t buy Wappler license or stay at the free version.

This also means that Wappler will never be feature complete. We will always add new stuff and improvements . Of course we do our best and test everything so we don’t break critical stuff — it can happen sometimes, but we also fix stuff in the same speed.

To make your choice even more solid in the future, we are planning to offer two channels of Wappler development — one stable for fully stability and one beta for hot new stuff that still might need some polishing. And you can always switch which channel you want to use. A bit like Google Chrome.

“Love your philosophy. Simple. And you only made one promise. To make the tool better.

We don’t need a promise about what happens if Wappler goes out of business because we own the code. I really love your transparency when deciding features through community voting. And I also love how you opened the conversation before building something to make sure you capture your user needs.

This is something that I miss in bubble. Yes. You can post a suggestion on the forums but you will get a standard reply about it if you ever get one. We will pass it to the engineering team.” — on Wappler’s Philosophy

Lean and Mean Websites and Apps

“Another thing I forgot to mention is that Wappler only adds in javascript files where it needs to so no bloated codebase for your users to wait to download.” —

All Visual Design

Wappler has a drag-and-drop canvas, visual design tools, themed components, reusable elements, and full bootstrap support. Visual front-end and back-end frameworks included — you are able design visually with the ease of prototyping, but then also create fully functional websites and mobile apps.

Take a look at what had to say about getting to know Wappler:

“As someone who knows literally nothing about web development, databases or computers (only slightly kidding) I kinda thought it was hopeless, but I decided to give Wappler a try. Once I figured it out I discovered it’s actually quite easy.

Obviously a greater learning curve than the set ups of Bubble and Web Flow, but the benefits of controlling all aspects of what you’re building massively outweigh the con of spending one day learning about setting up a database.” -

Workflows & Server Connect

Another major difference between Bubble and Wappler is the way tasks are performed:

“Bubble uses Workflows to perform tasks. Wappler uses server actions. Not entirely different but enough to have to learn how they differ from each other.” —

Server Connect offers full visual programming without any coding. It includes many server-side workflow components. Connect to your databases, create advanced database queries, send emails, manage files and folders, process images or create login systems fully visual!

Sharing Wappler Projects through GitHub

It is possible to share sample projects in Wappler through GitHub! To do so, put your Wappler project in there and share the link. When somebody wants to try it they can just create a new project in Wappler and use the GitHub link to clone the project. The whole project will be auto copied. Because of the great git integration, now final in the last Wappler update, the sample project can even be updated by the original author on GitHub and you will get the updates automatically!

You can also “fork” it on GitHub and then clone your own copy that you can change, commit back to your own form on GitHub and put a pull request if you want the original author to publish your changes to its copy.

Real-world Learning

“I’m still a complete newbie but I think the one thing that sums it up is that in Wappler you are learning real development. They make building stuff easier than coding it all yourself but you are going to run into problems and you will need to work through them — these solutions apply to real development — not a no-code specific workflow tool that you will never use anywhere else.” —

We are also developing some new Docker features to make your application run even faster, something Bubble users can only dream of!

From Bubble to Wappler — a real life story

In his Medium blog Ken Truesdale shares also his experience in building real-life solutions lie Tiny Opera House with Wappler and making the transition from Bubble. So

Forum Discussion

This article is quick run-through of a much bigger topic we had on our community forum! To read it all, go .

Not using Wappler yet?

Download Wappler 2.0, and don’t forget to join our ! Share your experience, get help, showcase your work or just have nice chat with others.


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