“Image” tag is killing me!

Our professional education system (especially from 11th standard till Doctorate) is actually about producing the ability to improve your “image” such as job, status in society, finances, etc. Instead it should have been given a learning environment where I as a student get a chance to improve myself in real not my “image” for others.

If you read the history (of any country / religion), concept to improve yourself without considering the impacts on your “image” was there since long time. “Image” did not used to be a superior thing as compare to culture, tradition and values. But in modern world where we are living at the moment, unfortunately, culture and values are not considered as important part of your personality as compare to your “image”.

For instance, If I drive a Rickshaw, people would treat me with less respect. But if I drive a CAREEM, people will definitely give more respect to me. J No one going to focus on my own strength, culture, values and expertise as Rickshaw or CAREEM driver. What people will notice? An “image” tagging with me.

This all messed has been getting bigger and might be uncontrollable after sometimes. On the other hand, many individuals who understand the risk of this disaster on their generation, has started finding different solutions. On same efforts, I recently have started attending focused group sessions arranged by ERDC (Educational Resource Development Center) on each Sunday for 1 and half hour. In this one and half hour, we talk about some critical issues (issues which never comes in discussion).

Let me know in the comments if anyone of you want to attend ERDC session Sunday (it’s free) or if you have something to add/correct with above thought!

Take Care and happy learning through life!

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