Life without problems! Are you serious?

Until you consider yourself a machine, life without problems is not possible for you. Because, machines do not have life. But, you are a human! A well created object by the Creator of this Universe. If you do not know due to any reason yet, let me clearly mention that you as a human kind is being sent here for fighting with the problems and challenges. If any human is not facing any problem, probably he/she is not alive where meaning of life and problems will be something else.

Majority of us including myself believe to have a problem free life, which is logically not possible. Few people around us can claim that they are having happy life where no problems exist. And to find same for yourself once you explore their life, you will realize that they are having a happy life with no problems because they are actually avoiding them. Of course, avoiding a challenge is much easier than owning it. Because, owning means, you need to take responsibility and do something to make it eliminate or minimize. However, in avoiding case, you just need to close your eyes like pigeon and wait for a cat to disappear automatically.

Contrarily, you would also find very successful people around you and to find similar success in your life once you start digging in their life, you will realize that they are having successful life because these people have enough guts to accept the responsibility of problems in their life and attempt to resolve it. Of course, it requires lot of efforts including resource like time, labor and sometimes cost too but satisfaction at the end of success will wipe these outs. Just in simple words, What do you get after putting efforts to finish a task? A SUCCESS! Success leads to you happiness. Right?

Consider this whole cycle as an endless loop where 1) a problem occurs in your life, 2) you accept it and finally take actions accordingly. There is no chance to break this loop until you are died and start living the endless life. However, not all problems needs to be processed from this whole loop. For instance, you are a sales guy and your 5 years old mobile phone is giving you a consistent problem(s). You just need to accept the problem and take quick action like buying a new one from market instead of wasting your time in fixing this old peace. Always remember a key to invest your time on important things rather than urgent and unimportant.

In the end, always remember that a problem in your life either related to work or marriage can be eliminated, ignored and minimized. It’s you who has to choose the action that should align with your happiness. I am sure ignoring anything does not mean happiness for you. If it is, it’s your choice and life after all. No hard feelings!