Set a vision of your life, if you have not done yet!

Do you have cat in or around your home? Focus on her for sometime and notice her daily routine. She wakes up, she finds the food, she eats it then she sleeps to make struggle again for food next day. Right? A simple and plain routine on which a cat spends her complete life.

A human being cannot spend a whole life on specific routine like cat. God has created the very unique ability to desire and achieve more in human beings. Now that craving for more or hunger to achieve, can be attained by two ways. First is to become an organized, take control of your desires and plan your life for achieving them. Second is to follow the cat.

I will talk about first way here. Becoming organized and taking control of your life can be considered as huge effort of having a vision full life. Have you heard people complaining about unsatisfied and non-success in their lives? Most of them do not set vision and try to spend life like Cat, which is naturally not possible for us. We are being produced to desire more and unique in our life and that desire along with uniqueness can only be managed by having a vision.

Vision allows you to set some actionable dreams in your life. It makes you to manage whole life around that vision so you can have a satisfied failure or success in the end. Yes! You read it absolutely right. Look, success or failure of a vision in your life is a different science which requires domain knowledge, experience, availability of resources, time, cost etc. But, have a satisfaction factor in your life is a totally different subject on which I am talking about here and that can be taken by setting vision in your life.

Setting vision can be a challenging task and there are several contents over the internet that will surely help you to set one. I only want to bring some personal experience here regarding how to set vision in your life. I experienced that these general management principles like having a vision, time management or work life balancing can be achieved more successfully if you try to put them in combination. So, I recommend you to set some role-based visions. I believe a human being cannot have a single vision as it is actually against the structure of us.

Find roles of yourself in your life. For instance, you can be a father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter, brother/sister, employee, patriotic natives, professional, friend, volunteer, and goes on. Then do some normalization on your roles and try to eliminate those roles which can be to avoid over commitment.

Now for each role, you need to set a vision and short terms goals along with plan to achieve it. I suggest to use simple note book and pen to do this exercise. It will give you a sense of ownership and efforts. I recommend also to do this exercise multiple times to ensure the validity. Once visions have been set for all roles, I additionally propose to have some scheduled reflection time to ensure your progress and add new desires in your plan.

I have spent my 20 years of life almost like Cat and took good 2.5 years to make some ultimate visions for my different roles. I hope lesson above about my life will be helpful for you too. Share your feedback or suggestions in below comments section.