Why Time Management should be your next skill to learn?

Before justifying the requirement of learning Time Management art, would like to explain why time management has become essential for everyone to learn and adapt. If you are growing high in your career, you will see a huge difference between things to do and available time. For instance, you would have to complete 5 tasks which usually require 12 hours efforts to finish in 8 hours in a day. Now you have two options to finish these tasks. First to sit late. Second to work from home. In both cases, you would have achieved those 5 tasks but surely have ignored the negative impact in your life and career as well.
 For relief, I suggest you go a bit deep down for analyzing your life at both personal and work level. You will immediately find some ground level issues that need to be fixed. Let’s retake the above example of finishing 5 tasks that take 12 hours to finish by a person who has available working slot of only 8 hours. You would have found that how the 12 hours work can be finished in 8 hours? It is one of the ground level issues, allocating/estimating tasks while planning. A planner must be aware of constraints on the ground and should not be avoiding basic rules like above. In parallel being a doer of these 5 tasks, you should have the capability to say NO while accepting impossible assignments or clearly set the expectations of the planner.

On another end, you are the human being and cannot be working at all time. You must have some personal goals to achieve unless you belong to a robotic generation. You must have a family which expects your quality time too. You must have some hobbies like reading and gardening which gives you strength but you totally avoid them due to lack of time management skills.

There is an urgent need to learn and adopt the science of time management which will actually help you or me for becoming a productive individual so we can catch the speedy pace of this world. I am sure you are now enough convinced to at least google time management topic and for finding more reasons to start adapting it. Let me know if you find any other new dimension in below comments section.

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