Small talks

People close to me think that I am quite good at starting a conversation with strangers. The truth is I am not, especially since I moved to the US. Whilst I do a fine job at reaching out to new people on Twitter or emails, when it comes to in-person, I have failed a lot. This is mainly because I am bad at engaging in small talks or to put it straight, I don’t like small talks.

As soon as I know someone enough, I start asking questions like ‘Why are you passionate about X?’ or ‘what is different about it when you do it.’

Questions like these allow me to dig deeper in other people’s way of thinking and perspective about life or work. And I love learning from it.

Now the same thing has been haunting me when it comes to writing. Every once in a while, especially at the start of a new year I aim to write regularly. But many times, I don’t have a meaningful thought to share, so instead of writing a Small Talk, I just skip it.

Today is not one of those days.

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