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War Is Boring

American Hand Grenades Have Some Odd Connections to Sports

U.S. Army designers figured if you could throw a ball, you could also throw a bomb

“Responsible individuals” often said “a grenade based on the size and shape of a baseball would be better adapted to use by the average American soldier,” according to one post-war report.

Above—U.S. Army soldiers train to throw grenades. Army photo. At top—a U.S. Marine practices throwing a grenade. Marine Corps photo
A cutaway of a late model T-13 beano grenade. Army art

More than a year after testing started, T-13s had suffered “five premature detonations that had mortally wounded two men and injured 44 others,” Anthony Dee wrote in the October 2013 edition of Small Arms Review.

A U.S. Air Force security forces member practices with a grenade. Air Force photo
The U.S. Army’s experimental football grenade. Army photo



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