He Risked His Life for America — And Then America Betrayed Him

Sami Kazikhani is one of many Afghan interpreters desperately in need of help


War Is Boring previously related Sami’s story in a feature about Iraqi and Afghan interpreters. As the production of this comic drew to a close, news broke that the U.S. State Department has denied the visa request for Sami, Yasmin and Roxanne.

The U.S. Congress is currently reviewing legislation that could decrease the number of visas available to Afghan military interpreters, making it much harder for men and women like Sami to escape possible retaliation in their home country.

To make matters worse, German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere recently stated that “people who come from Afghanistan cannot expect that they will be able to stay” on grounds that Afghanistan is no longer dangerous. The German government approves less than half of Afghan asylum applications.

If this bothers you, you should call or write to your elected representative. This applies to our American and German readers.

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