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Holy Crap, These Commandos Are Terrifying

Taiwanese special forces show off their freaky new ballistic face masks

Just in time for Halloween, photos of Taiwan’s military frogmen and special operations soldiers surfaced on the Internet to chilling effect.

The images detail the East Asian elite soldiers clad in matte-black uniforms, knee pads, heavy weaponry, bulletproof shields and, above all else, ballistic face masks that have drawn internet commenters to make comparisons to comic book evildoers and video game supervillains.

Digital DJ Network Japan photo

According to the South China Morning Post, the ballistic face masks are composed of bulletproof synthetic materials like Kevlar and are resilient to a .44 Magnum. However, like all body armor, even though the masks may be able to prevent bullets from piercing the skull, the blunt impact of high-velocity rounds can often break bones.

Digital DJ Network Japan photo

Additionally, some have commented on other drawbacks of ballistic face masks, which include limited breathability and smaller range of vision.

While this Taiwanese clone army may seem outlandishly scary to some, the small Chinese-governed island is no stranger to exploiting intimidation.

Digital DJ Network Japan photo

In 2010 the BBC said that Taiwan’s special forces team “is probably the toughest police unit in the world.”

And Chang Si-Liang, the Director General of the National Police Administration, believes “a large number of criminal elements are extremely frightened the moment they see our SWAT teams appear. As soon as they see them they put down their weapons.”

Digital DJ Network Japan photo

It is also common for Taiwanese soldiers to perform public displays of physicality involving face paint and synchronized dance moves to crowds in Taipei, Taiwan’s largest city.

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