U.S. Navy engineers put in some game time. U.S. Navy Photo

Video Games Can Be a Powerful Force for Propaganda

It’s a good thing governments haven’t caught on yet


Video games are an industry worth tens of billions of dollars. These interactive games make more money than Hollywood and the music industry combined. Video games can be great fun and even great art, but they can also make for great propaganda.

A new game called IS Defense puts players on the shores of Europe to defend the continent against waves of faceless Islamic attackers. Even the FBI, North Korea and PETA have tried to use games to spread their beliefs. It doesn’t always work and it’s often silly, but governments and political organizations are only just getting started.

Today on War College, we’re talking to George Weidman, a YouTube personality and video game expert who thinks he knows a how to build a better propaganda game … even if he’s reluctant to share.

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