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War notes

All for the front, all for victory!

March 20, 2022, Olegh Bondarenko — a meeting of the NECU leadership (in limited number of participants, for objective reasons) was held, where the next steps to intensify our joint activities in the new conditions of Moscow’s war against Ukraine were discussed.

Photo from the NECU website

Ruslan Gavrilyuk , head of the NGO National Ecological Center of Ukraine (NECU), recently returned to Kyiv after being 10 days under occupation. Today he passed our check-point position, so we managed to meet. During the meeting we discussed the current situation, the state of some of our colleagues, some other issues.

Let me just summarize our conversation in brief as tasks for ourselves:

  1. We continue to support each other exchanging by information. In this context, we had a conversation with Dmitry Ivanov — we are connecting him to the Telegram Group “NECU Weekly”. His participation in this group is important to maintain a proper level of communication in our community.
  2. We need to carry out an intensive discussion within our community about whether we (NECU) want to quickly transform into a volunteer charity (or something like that) that will use its human potential, its international connections, including personal ones. and other, as well as its own legal entity to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense Forces, civilians, the country. If we come to the opinion “yes”, then we have to decide what we need for this.

    I ASK EVERYONE TO ACTIVELY JOIN THIS DISCUSSION! This appeal also applies to anyone who reads these lines — please address to Ruslan Gavrilyuk or Olegh Bondarenko.
  3. We decided to activate as authors in the “Notes of War” magazine in English and Ukrainian recently established on the Medium platform. Today Olegh Bondarenko is the chief-editor and main consultant of the magazine, then the editorial board will be formed on the basis of the internal consensus of the participating authors. This web resource is important for communicating our Ukrainian position both outside and inside the country.

    I INVITE EVERY MEMBER OF OUR COMMUNITY TO ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE AS AN AUTHOR! This invitation also applies to anyone who reads these lines — to contact Ruslan Gavrilyuk or Olegh Bondarenko.

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Olegh Bondarenko

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