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War notes

This will be completely new Ukraine

March 14, 2022, Dmytro Kalynchuk

Civil buildings destroyed as a result of shelling by the moscovites. https://ukrainer.net/

I was deeply moved by the phrase: “Russian artillery is now destroying the remnants of the Ukrainian SSR”. This was said about the residential areas that are demolished by the occupiers in many Ukrainian cities. I know that it will hurt many readers, because it is said about their neighborhoods, their relatives, their friends, their childhood. I’m in pain too. I couldn’t bear looking at the photos of the destroyed neighborhoods of Kharkiv, where I once lived. Where I took my first steps in business, where I made plans, where I went for a walk with my first wife, with whom I am still a friend. Now there is a ruin. And I’m already afraid to ask about some of my acquaintances. It is better to know nothing than to hear…

But I know for sure that the war will end. And then in place of the old concrete boxes “made in the USSR” will be completely new neighborhoods. Light, interesting, modern. Not at all like the disgusting “khrushchev’s” and “brezhnev’s” flats.

Cities are to be replanned. The long-tired “industrial zones” with empty shops and overgrown weeds will disappear. Modern industrial productions (and I know how good they can look) will be taken to modern technology parks, such as those already operating in Bila Tserkva city. Old enterprises will disappear and new ones will appear — we will not notice factories shut down any more. On the place of a single closed enterprise, two new ones will appear.

And it will not be only in cities destroyed by war. This will happen all over Ukraine. Kharkiv, Mariupol, Slovyansk will start to become Ukrainian in front of our eyes. Because it is already unprestigious to stay “vatnyk” (literally — “a jacket quilted with cotton wool” — means “russian follower”). We will mourn too many of our citizens after this war.

Where strong territorial defense forces have emerged, effective territorial communities are bound to emerge. Because if people unite to protect their villages and towns together, why not unite to organize a comfortable and peaceful life? Beautiful and promising. The decentralization reform launched by President Poroshenko will pay off. And wealthy communities are wealthy Ukraine.

We will have to rebuild a lot, so there will be a need for building materials and specialists — builders, electricians, plumbers and so on. The image of a country that has managed to fend off Moscow will greatly change Ukraine’s position in the world, and Ukrainian business will definitely take advantage of this. I strongly hope that businessmen will have less bullshit and more statehood. Otherwise it will not work, we will have to live with this wild horde for a long time under the eastern and northern borders.

We will win, I have no doubt, but the Moscow Horde will repeatedly want revenge. Terrorism will become a part of our lives. Field fortifications will need to be built at the borders to meet the enemy there, not on rivers and suburbs. The Armed Forces will change greatly. A mother will explain to her child how to properly distinguish “Volcano”, “M-1” or “AK-74”.

We will live like our ancestors for many hundreds of years. Like the Cossacks. Probably — this is our destiny, to be eternal border guards of Europe on the borders of the Horde. Ideally — a country that controls the level of aggression of the savage hordes and regularly travels to conduct educational work among them. Like Ancient Rus in the Prince’s Time — among the Khazars and Finno-Ugric peoples.

We need to become strong. Because we have no options. Now we are doomed to victory. After the war, we will be doomed to success. Because otherwise we simply will not be. We need to realize this. And act.

Maybe not everything will be as I intended here. But one thing is for sure. It will be a completely different Ukraine. It will be actually Ukraine. Independent, self-sufficient, so does not rely too much on friends and does not trust mindless enemies. “In own house there is own truth and own will”. Moscow artillery does demolish no Soviet house blocks — It demolishes the remnants of the Ukrainian SSR. And a new Ukraine will rise from these ruins. The very what they are most afraid of.

And you know, for the sake of such a future, we should fight now. It is worth working on this future. It is worth living.


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